We are committed to carry out all the activities related to the logistics management in the best possible manner and respecting the agreed terms and conditions.

This covers every step; from receiving the articles in the warehouse till their delivery.

The promotional material, gifts and in general any type of freebies require a different handling compared to ordered and sold goods. We can offer special services for this type of requirements. We also offer such services for high-value promotional material.

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This aspect of logistics management is sometimes not given the due importance but if properly managed it can achieve good results in terms of savings and optimization of the material purchased. We can add value for our Customers by helping our Customers in selecting the right material for a given application.

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There are many ways in which a documentation system can be managed. In our present system, we manage all the documentation in a non-computerized manner for those Customers who prefer to maintain hard-copies. If the Customer desires, we can also implement electronic filing system.

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