There are many ways in which a documentation system can be managed. In our present system, we manage all the documentation in a non-computerized manner for those Customers who prefer to maintain hard-copies. If the Customer desires, we can also implement electronic filing system.

  • Transfer of all the documentation (Box files, binders, loose documents etc.) from Customer’s archives in properly packed and marked boxes
  • Transfer of loose documents, their proper logging and subsequent storage in standard boxes in our warehouse
  • Storage of all the documentation on proper shelves and proper cataloging and cross-referencing in the management software
  • Search of a given document for the Customer if required
  • Transfer of filing system (entire or partial)
  • Hard copy (thru’ courier) or soft copy (fax, images etc.) communication with the Customer
  • Customer can examine all the relevant documents in specially dedicated rooms in GDN’s premises
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