This aspect of logistics management is sometimes not given the due importance but if properly managed it can achieve good results in terms of savings and optimization of the material purchased. We can add value for our Customers by helping our Customers in selecting the right material for a given application.


  • Storage and safeguarding of stock items on standard pallets with various heights or on shelves (measured in linear meters)
  • Preparation of a file with details of space occupied by each of the items and providing this information to the Customer

Inward Material Movements

  • Receiving the material shipped by the suppliers
  • Shipment verification comparing shipment documents with actual receipts
  • Feedback on eventual irregularities
  • Material receipt intimations to all interested
  • Inward entries and stock update in the warehouse stock system
  • If requested, sending the shipment documents and shipment samples to headquarters

Outward Material Movements

  • Receiving the computerized pick-up request coming from various offices
  • Definition of the physical quantity for each article that can be picked up
  • Article pick-up in package (as received from the supplier)
  • Packing the articles in neutral containers, weight and volume calculations to decide the optimal shipping method and courier
  • Appropriate strapping and labeling of parcels, printing of labels and parcel identification stickers, preparation of transport documents and delivery to courier
  • Stock update, packing list for each parcel. Sending tracking information to the concerned parties
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