The promotional material, gifts and in general any type of freebies require a different handling compared to ordered and sold goods. We can offer special services for this type of requirements. We also offer such services for high-value promotional material.

Gifts (also Christmas Gifts)

  • Order processing in co-ordination with the suppliers for timely deliveries of the goods
  • Storage in dedicated areas
  • Material checks and packaging the kits
  • Customized shipments and tracking with relevant reporting
  • Additional back-office services on request

Merce a valore

  • Inward goods inspection, liazioning with competent authorities to get unloading permissions
  • Sending the samples of the received goods, computerized posting of each article (part number, serial number, barcodes etc) to get a complete stock value statement
  • Tracking the movements for each single article
  • Constant updating of stock, value statement and the corresponding cross-check
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