We handle all the process steps connected with the warehouse management: from receiving the material, verifying it, stocking it properly and finally whenever required pick-up from the stock, packing and shipment.

Goods inward receipts and storage

  • Receiving the material from the supplier and information to the supplier about eventual discrepancies
  • Information to the Customer about the material delivery and inward entries in the warehouse system
  • Storage of small dimension goods in stock on pallet carriers or shelves
  • Management of stock
  • Management of batch production requirements

Order Preparation

  • Receipt of orders in predetermined formats thro’ the computerized system
  • Material pick-up from storage location, product and quantity verification
  • Packing and getting everything ready for the courier pick-up
  • Printing of customized transport documentation

Kit preparation

  • BOM management
  • En-mass pick-up of components
  • Preparation of well-defined working areas
  • Economically optimized processes
  • Packing of kits
  • Material management for programmed shipment of kits
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