Our history

After having operated for long years in retailing and logistics, we established GDN Logistica to deal with outsourced logistic operations on behalf of third parties; we have been deploying our skills, resources and entrepreneurial spirit in such activity with the aim to always do our best to satisfy our customers’ requests and meet their expectations.

The expertise acquired in the distribution of third parties’ products on the national market, has enabled us to offer several alternatives with reference to deliveries, thanks to our partnerships with the major forwarding agents and customized solutions.


We are well aware of the fact that, especially in harsh financial times, enterprises have to face relevant difficulties in outsourcing some functions, which might be specific to their business, to partners who may have not directly followed the evolution of their organizations. This is the reason why we deal with the first steps of each outsourcing contract with extreme care, thoroughly analyzing every detail of the activities carried out by the customer, issuing a project plan including all agreed terms and conditions and assessing the project costs and schedule.

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